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In a message dated 95-09-04 18:22:27 EDT, head@lust.isem.smu.edu (Jason Head)

>       I hate to even suggest it, fellow server members, but has the time
>come to regulate some of the crap that is posted on this server??  Anyone's
>opinion on dinosaurs and topics that pertain to them should be welcome, but
>the "ooze" posting and now this chain-letter garbage has got to go!!!  I
>logged on here because I was interested in joining an e-mail forum about
>dinosaurs/paleontology/natural history, and I assume that everyone else did
>         Mickey, as lord and master of this server, what are your opinions?
>Anyone else?  If there isn't regulation, then I ask that those on this
>server who feel compelled to post chain-letters and other forms of
>electronic guano, please go pester and annoy another server!!

I hate to revive a bitter thread that has recently gone dormant, but both
Ooze and Chain Letter originated with AOL (my own internet gateway, alas)...