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In a message dated 95-09-04 11:49:23 EDT, dwn194@soton.ac.uk (D.W.Naish)

>Is it not completely wrong to put a hyphen in _conan-doylei_, as the
>(Frey and Martill I think) when they named _Arthurdactylus_ last year?


>Has Bakker named or described the 'stretch snouted' daspletosaur I keep
>hearing about?

Not yet. But according to Bob it is the same genus and species as the Field
Museum tyrannosaurid (FMNH PR308), which Russell (1970) used to illustrate
_Albertosaurus libratus_ and which has had enough plaster work done to it to
fool everyone, including me (and I even knew about the plastering): I
considered them separate but unnamed species in my tyrannosaurid review for
Gakken. It is a new genus, not a new species within _Daspletosaurus_, and it
had the most primitive tooth count of any North American tyrannosaurid (16-17
teeth in the dentary). Bob told me the teeth had been plastered up along with
the entire top of the skull, throwing me off when I placed it in the
tyrannosaurid cladogram.

Nine plagues on those damned plasterers, who made all the tyrannosaurids look
alike to satisfy the supposed public demand for nice-looking display