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Got news of another extremely sketchy, garbled news report on local radio here
the other day. Apparently a bunch of new dinos, perhaps sauropods (huge size was
mentioned), were found on the Isle of Wight. A fossil brain or, more likely, a
cast, was found. If anyone has any info, please post it. I'll let you all know
what Steve Hutt knows soon as he tells me. 

BTW, did anyone over here see him (Steve the Hutt) on TV? Do we have any listers
in the west country that saw the series 'Mysterious West Country', while on the
subject of TV. Please mail me if so.

"Chay wan-na num bago, mum mum cheepee chewbacca.."

DARREN 'where the hell _is_ Yaohan Centre?' NAISH