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Am I postponed from the list.. again!!? Pesky disk quotas.

On a different, kind of, note, I think that there's some weird posting problem
going down with our messages. I was in Bristol the other day and saw list
messages there from Ronald (on gracility) and Peter (on segnosaurs, which are
not prosauropods). But here I have none of these. Is it just my computer?

Finally got the Spring... yes, Spring, 1995 issue of the Dinosaur Report. The
Spring issue in AUGUST? Bit behind schedule aren't they?

If you are there, Tracy, please mail me (if you read this). To all my cyber-
friends, I will shortly be leaving the list (probably, controversially), please
get in touch before armageddon.


The vineyard titanosaur apparently possesses spines. Are these atop the scutes?
Was anything revealed about their pattern on the body, if any. If the morphology
of the scutes proves the same as that in other armoured titanosaurs (and other
sauropods, possibly), the possibility that all had such spines is raised. This
is something, of course, suggested a good long while ago.

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