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2nd Pinacosaur mass found!

Konnichiwa, Minasan!

It was written in Japanese newspaper about one month ago.  
Some of you will be interested in about it.

In Aug. 8, HAYASHIBARA Corp. announced joint expedition of HAYASHIBARA
and the Mongol science academy found a mass of 22 individuals of Pinacosaur
in the Gobi Desert.  HAYASHIBARA said they are young individuals of Pinacosaur
and this is the second finding of a Pinacosaur mass since the CCDP found
12 individuals of Pinacosaur in '88 and '90.  Japanese expedition leader
Kenichi ISHII said this finding supports young Ankyrosaurid lived in a mass.
These fossils were found from late Cretaceous (80 million years ago) stratum
in the Gobi Desert, 500 km south from Ulan Bator in early part of July.  
The fossils gathered in a diameter of 12 m.  They are young individual of 2 m 
body length, and they have same length femurs, it supposed to be they were sam
age.  The environment was the river from the stratum analysis result,
and fossils were articulated.  It suggests a mass of Pinacosaurs died nearby i
n the same time and buried.  Mr. ISHII said it is very valuable finding to kno
growth process and difference of male and female.  They found other fossils 
nearby and maybe get more individuals.

Sorry, English is not my mother tongue.

Michiaki ENDO