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Re: Field Museum redux (stop already!)

Sorry for the empty reply. Wisth there were a C)ancel option (when are
we going to get on Usenet!?)...

Rich Travsky said:
> On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Ellin Beltz wrote:
> > [...]
> > 
> > As far as the teaching of "creation science" or mentioning it in the 
> > classroom before or after evolution...  My personal opinion (and I expect 
> > to be flamed for it) is that --everything-- relating to evolution should 
> > be taught.  The arguments for and the arguments against (no matter how 
> > absurd) deserve a place in the dialog.  Censorship of ideas (no matter 
> > how absurd they are) is --wrong--.  
> > 
> > Let the students hear all sides.  If the bio teacher is a good one, the 
> > arguments in favor vs. the arguments against should resolve themselves in 
> > the students' minds leaving them more capable of rational thought, 
> > logical discussion, and an interest in learning.
> > 
> > Controversy is an excellent teacher's aide.  It makes the subject matter 
> > far more interesting than "here it is, this is fact, now - regurgitate!"
> No no no no no no no. No. Creationism is pseudo science, pure and simple.
> Not to be taught as an alternate point of view. This is not a 
> philosophy discourse, where many points of view can co-exist. Science
> is taught on a foundation of facts derived by research and experimentation.
> I've yet to see a creationist experiment.

To put it more clearly: would Ellin allow "flat Earth" theories in
geoglogy classes, astrology in astronomy classes, phlogiston in
chemistry classes - as viable options? Creationism is scientifically
just as dead.

Now,  p l e a s e  take this stuff to the Usenet newsgroup talk.origins.
Leave the dinosaur group alone!

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