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New info in Dinosaur Taxonomy

For those of us with a sense of humour. Hey, this is about Dinosaurs (sort of).

An Improbable Debut
The Annals of Improbable Research (AIR)--a new journal published by the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum and developed by the same
brilliant, but twisted, minds who originated the Ig Nobel Prizes for
dubious scientific achievements--issued its first volume on December 14.
The debut was commemorated at a ceremony highlighted by (questionable) pomp
(Marilyn Vos Savant, holder of the world's highest IQ, ate alphabet soup
and offered crackers to attendees), (unexplained) circumstance (an invited
convicted felon, AIR board member Robert T. Morris, found guilty of
paralyzing the Internet, was a no-show), (obligatory) interruptions (it was
"a nonstop evening of heckling," according to journal cofouder Marc
Abrahams), and the re-burial of a "tiny time caplet" found during
renovation of the museum's basement. The occasion was also marked by the
presentation of papers from the inaugural issue, including "The Taxonomy of
Barney," by Ed Theriot and Earle Spamer of the Academy of Natural Sciences
of Philadelphia and Art Bogun of Freshwater Molluscan Research in Sewell,
N.J. The research--presented in the absence of the authors by their
associate, Kate Eppers, age 11--concludes that the purple beast, X-rayed by
the scientists, has "a dinosaur body but a clearly hominid skeletal
structure, which has serious implications for the fossil record," according
to Spamer.

Shaun :-)

Shaun Cronin                 "How can something seem so plausible at the time
shaun@wavenet.com             but so idiotic in retrospect?" - Calvin