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Re: Removing segnosaurs from Theropoda

>>        "Thecodontian"??  Me thinks that more modernized terminology would
>>be appropriate.
>Yes, if you're a cladist ("modernized" = "cladistic" here). But since I don't
>mind paraphyletic taxa--and even require them--I use the term Thecodontia to
>denote the paraphyletic taxon formed by removing the clades Dinosauria and
>Pterosauria from the clade Archosauria (assuming for now that Pterosauria is
>still included within Archosauria).

Well, if you want to be a STRICT caldist, the term "Non Avian Dinosaur" is
paraphyletic. Therefore it is impossible for cladists to talk about
dinosaurs without also talking about birds.

Am I missing something?

James Shields