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The Lost World!

Hold onto your seats, folks, we're in for a trip!

Around the 20th of this month, most bookstores should be carrying THE LOST
WORLD: A NOVEL by Michael Crichton.  It is a sequel to the movie, rather than
the book -- a project Crichton did for Spielberg so he could make a movie out
of something, I guess.  As Ariana Richards said, they are doing a JP sequel
for financial gain.  What else?

We are probably all going to be in for a disappointment.  No dinosaur rampage
in Costa Rica (boo hoo)!  How could this be?

Well, if they did a sequel out of the book, it would be different.  We would
probably have 'raptors', procompsognathids, and cearadactyloids terrorizing
the Costa Ricans, according the JP the novel's storyline.  But there were no
compies or cearadactyls in JP the movie, and all three raptors died before
the movie ended.  But in the movie, there was no sign of the military coming
along and bombing the island, killing all of the dinosaurs.  So, I have
gotten clues that THE LOST WORLD will have something to do with the
descendants of the Gallimimids, Parasaurolophae, T-rexes, Brachiosaurs,
stegosaurs, metriacanthosaurs, proceratosaurs, triceratopsians, and other
inhabitants of Isla Nublar from JP the movie -- surviving and breeding freely
on some island somewhere, not  Isla Nublar.  I have heard that LOST WORLD
takes place 5 years after the original JP incident, and that Mr. Malcolm
stars -- perhaps Grant, Ellie, and the kids will return.

Maybe this lost world will be a new island where Hammond sets up a new
Jurassic Park, trying to solve all of the problems of the original park.
 But, of course, things must get chaotic again, hmmm?

As far as I can tell, THE LOST WORLD will live up to its name. 

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)

NOTE: I heard about a part in the book where a momma T. rex gets pissed off
at humans...