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Re: Ceratopian / ceratopsian

>Dave Norman and George Olshevsky both encourage the use of "ceratopian",
>which (I admit) is etymologically correct.  However, "ceratopsian" has been
>used for over a century, is (in my opinion) more euphonious, and there is no
>ICZN rule requiring absolute etymological correctness (and the ICZN doesn't
>cover surpafamilial names, anyway).
>So, basically, your choice.  If you do go with "ceratopian", you should
>definitely have a footnote or such explaining this nonstandard spelling.
>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

And, to be internally consistent, we should rename a certain popular
fictional work "Dinotopsia" (meaning, of course, a terrible place that just
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