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Re: Ceratopian / ceratopsian

>A PYRAMID Magazine article just crossed my desk for approval, and it has 
>"ceratopsian" all the way through it. Is the new spelling authoritative? 
>Should I invite our typesetter to curse my name as she does a global 
>search and replace?

Dave Norman and George Olshevsky both encourage the use of "ceratopian",
which (I admit) is etymologically correct.  However, "ceratopsian" has been
used for over a century, is (in my opinion) more euphonious, and there is no
ICZN rule requiring absolute etymological correctness (and the ICZN doesn't
cover surpafamilial names, anyway).

So, basically, your choice.  If you do go with "ceratopian", you should
definitely have a footnote or such explaining this nonstandard spelling.

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