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Re: Re: Raptor Red: a review (long)

>>encountered Utahraptor).  These include the Trinity-group predator
>>Acrocanthosaurus, the Arundel (and Trinity? and Cloverly?) brachiosaurid
>>Astrodon, the Cloverly (and mid-Cedar Mountain) dromaeosaurid Deinonychus,
>>the mid-Cedar Mountain polacanthid Gastonia. Strangely, the ubiquitous
>>Aptian-Albian dinosaurs Tenontosaurus and Sauropelta are nowhere to be seen.
>I trust you noticed that this book is the first publication of the generic
>name _Gastonia_. I think Bob expected it would have been published by the
>time _Raptor Red_ appeared, but Jim Kirkland told me just yesterday that he
>still has a couple of figures to do before the paper can be published.

Indeed.  Granted, since Gastonia is going to be published in Hunteria
(Bakker's journal, for those who don't know), Bakker is probably aware of
much of the details.  Still, it would have been a lot better for him to use
Polacanthus or Hoplitosaurus (if he set the novel correctly in Utahraptor's
time, the Barremian).

Also, the only known Barremian ornithomimosaur has MANY teeth (Spain's
Pelecanimimus), not just a few (as in the Aptian-Albian Harpymimus).

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