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Re: Blood flow in Sauropods

>From: WILLSCULPT@aol.com
 > Final point: If you are a Sauropod or an Elephant, 2 meters high at the
 > shoulders you have got to get your mouth to ground level, or the ground to
 > your mouth.

Why? (The only reason I can think of is to drink - and many animals
make do without that if their food contains enough moisture).
[Actually, I suspect that sauropods *did* drink, but one needs to be
careful about assuming "requirements" that may not be real].

Also, the necks of many sauropods are several times longer than is
necessary to reach the ground.  Again, if the purpose were to reach
the ground, then why so *very* long - it seems wasteful.

Are you anywhere near L.A.?  Go to the LA Natural History Museum
and look at the Mamenchisaurus and tell me *that* neck is for grazing
on ferns.  It is almost as long as the rest of the animal, *including*
the tail.

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