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Sauropods (fwd)

>   All about Antarctosaurus.  I would very much apreciate everything you guys
> could tell me about Antarctosaurus; Especially, everything about the skull
> assigned to Antarctosaurus (i.e. was it associated with any diagnostic
> skeletal material).  Does the skull really belong to Antarctosaurus, or even
> a Titanosaurian at all; do the other specimens of Antarctosaurus lend
> themselves to Titanosaurian afinities?

Err, anyone gonna refer Peter to the _Malawisaurus_ paper published in
Palaeontology a while back? (Titanosaurids have weird, box-shaped, short-
snouted skulls, not like the long, graceful diplodocid one..)

DARREN 'when will I have the chance to do a lengthy posting?' NAISH