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T-rex dedication

Hello everyone!!
                        I was fortunate enough to go to the dedication of
the T-rex in UC Berkeley today. The guest lecturer was John Horner. The
first hour was awards, thanks and slides of the construction, boy did it
look like a lot of work and the area they had to work with is very small.
After the warm feely stuff Horner spoke for about 45 min on ...guess..."why
T-rex was not a hunter" It was very well done. He has a very methodical and
scientific approach to the subject and I enjoyed it quite a bit. We then got
to hear a short talk by an Herpetologist who had great slides of a rattler
with radio transmitters surgically implanted for radio telemetry location.
He showed some strong evidence for matrnal care in pit vipers. Great talk.
We then got to all file out and the Chancellor did the ribbon cutting and
there was a reception.
        I got to speak to John Horner for moment and he signed my copy of
Digging Dinosaurs, he was very nice and answered my questions polietly. (He
had kind words for Dinogeorge's historical knowledge) I also got to meet and
ask a question or two of Kevin Padian who was also very gracious. All and
all a worthy event. The food was weird(even for Beserk...Berkeley but other
than that it was a great day. The big point the chancellor made was this
T-rex is for everyone, it costs no money to come and see it which is a
refreshing change. If you get to this neck of the woods it is in the foyer
of the Valley Life and Sciences Building. If you really want to see a marvel
of engineering and genius ask to see the new specimen storage set up. It is
totally cool!!! I didn't know if anyone wanted to hear about but figured I'd
tell you all anyway : ) Great Day