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Re: RE: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

>Having seen some of the autopsie reports (complete with colour photos) from
>crocs that have eaten people (usually american tourists), I have yet to see
>and example of a human swallowed whole by even the biggest crocodile. From
>memory, the largest man-eater I have seen was about 5 metres and the human
>was dismembered (and incomplete) in the gut of the animal.

        On TLC or Discover(I forget which) there was a show about Salt Water
crocs in Australia and there was a man eaten whole. His freind went and
killed the croc and cut it open. They said the man was in perfect shape
exceapt for one arm was a little roughed up! The scary part is they left the
guys truck out there in the bush and it's still there all grown over and
rusted. After watching this and getting many views of the crocs #1 They were
HUGE!!! # 2They did not always do the spin thing, they grabbed drowned and
swallowed. Great show to watch if your going to Austrailia soon, scary!