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I loved "Raptro Red"

I purchased _Raptor Red_ Friday evening on my way home from work and began 
reading it imediately.  I could not put this book down.  I finished it at 
2:30 am Sunday morning because I wanted to find out if Raptor Red survived.

I loved this story!  I dont care how many fanas, periods and continents may 
have been merged.  People could label it as an anthropamorphic projection
of dinosauria, but I was enthralled by this story.  It was new and 
foreign to me and I was captured.  I could relate to Raptor red!
I grieved for her and her family.  I found the epilogue compelling and 
my amature spirit was filled with motivation to learn more.  My only 
dissapointment was that the story wasnt longer.

Please, excuse me I am an "amature."  I follow the debates on this list as 
best I can with a library of books I have purchased mostly to fool myself 
that I understand the material shared by professionals and students.  This 
book really grabbed my heart, my love of dinosaurs, and my respect of 

Bobs "creativity" asside, he tells a story like no other.  He may be 
right, he may be wrong, but he captured my amature imagination.  I guess 
he helped me put things in perspective.  He wrote it in a way that I "The 
Amature" could understand AND appreciate.

Mr. Bakker, if this happens to get forwarded to you I hope I have the 
pleasure of meeting you some day, or better yet helping you on a dig and
being treated not to a signature, but to a dinosaur story by a warm camp 
fire on a warm summers night with your furr ball at our feet.

        Greg Claytor
        Dino Nut