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 giant animals with high metabolic rates are in danger of
overheating is so entrenched, yet so falsified in the literature, that I
often despair of there ever being a paradigm shift in the dinosaur community.
It's tough being a dinosaurologist. So, please help save a mind (mine), and
before arguing that big mammals and dinosaurs with similar metabolic rates
will cook in the tropical heat, check out the following (which in general are
popular articles, I'll leave looking up the dozens of technical papers to
those who wish to).  

C R Taylor 1969 Scientific American 220:88

G C Whittow 1978 Natural History :45

V A Langman 1982 Smithsonian Jan:95

D & J Bartlett 1992 National Geographic181(1):54  

G S Paul 1991 Modern Geology 16:79-81 (has more refs, plus a plot showing the
heat resistence of giants)