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Re: More news about Sue

>In a message dated 95-09-17 13:49:25 EDT, 
>(Mickey Rowe) writes:
>>The following quotes were sent to me by Ken Carpenter:
>>  "When an object is of particularly high scientific 
importance, it is
>>  my belief that its preservation must be guaranteed by 
some legally
>>  enforceable means." Editorial by Kevin Schiefer, US 
Attorney for
>>  South Dakota, Rapid City Journal May 23, 1992
>>  "Murdy [of the BIA] said his understanding of the 
situation is that
>>  the government's trust status responsibility is to 
Willams - not to
>>  any scientific standard.  The government hopes to get 
Williams the
>>  best value for the dinosaur, but that value is hard to 
>>  Hill City Prevaile, Sept. 6, 1995
>>I don't know anything more than what's there, but look 
carefully at
>>the dates above.  Things don't look that promising for 
Sue's long-term
>You can bet that someone in the "government" will receive a 
nice "finder's
>fee" under the table when Sue is finally "disposed of."
>"Politician: One who uses public office for private 
>from _The Devil's Dictionary_ by Ambrose Bierce.

 Incidentally, what ever happened to the $5000 that the BHI 
paid to Mr. Williams initially for the right to excavate 

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"I really must stop loaning dinosaurs to folks.." :)