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Fwd: Re: RE: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

Greg Paul writes:

B) A little more seriously, the mouths of 30-50 tonne brachiosaurs were
420-480 mm across. I admit they would have a problem with Jackie 


  I am told that these figures may indeed have some validity.  They 
seem to be extrapolations of skull size that have come from 
measurements of limb bones, etc, from the largest brachiosaurs - like 
Ultrasaurus.  This is were I ( and perhaps others in this discussion) 
have been going wrong.  The skull measurements that I have been 
argueing (?) from come from Brachiosaurus sp. or B.branchi - an 
earlier, smaller model of the more recent finds to which GSP seems to 
be refering.  It is clear that neither B. branchi or B. sp. could have 
swallowed whole anything larger than a mid-size dog.  However, if 
skulls of the larger brachiosaurs like Ultrasaurus are ever found, they 
may indeed prove to be as large as GPS has stated. 
      Hoping this clears things up a bit,
          Virginia Tidwell