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The Great Russian Dinosaurs Exhibition

Patricia Vickers-Rich sent the following to the dinosaur list about a
week ago (it got rejected because of the "subscribers-only" policy):

  The Great Russian Dinosaurs Exhibition will open at the Mesa
  Southwest Museum in Arizona (near Phoenix) on the 7th of October and
  will be there until the 4th of February 1996.  After that venues are
  still be negotiated.
  Its Great!

  Pat Vickers Rich
  Director, Monash Science Centre
  Reader, Earth Sciences Department

Sorry that I didn't forward it sooner.  I spent some time trying to
figure out how she seemed to know that we wanted to know about the
exhibit when she wasn't subscribed to the list.  She still isn't, but
hopefully she will be after she returns home in about a month.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)