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More news about Sue

The following quotes were sent to me by Ken Carpenter:

  "When an object is of particularly high scientific importance, it is
  my belief that its preservation must be guaranteed by some legally
  enforceable means." Editorial by Kevin Schiefer, US Attorney for
  South Dakota, Rapid City Journal May 23, 1992
  "Murdy [of the BIA] said his understanding of the situation is that
  the government's trust status responsibility is to Willams - not to
  any scientific standard.  The government hopes to get Williams the
  best value for the dinosaur, but that value is hard to determine."
  Hill City Prevaile, Sept. 6, 1995

I don't know anything more than what's there, but look carefully at
the dates above.  Things don't look that promising for Sue's long-term

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)