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Re: RE: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

At 06:49 AM 9/17/95 -0400, Paul Willis wrote:

>Having seen some of the autopsie reports (complete with colour photos) from
crocs that have eaten people

     Memo to myself: Don't read e-mail before breakfast.

>(usually american tourists)

     It figures.

>Crocs usually dismember large prey by spinning which can cause the carcass
to literelly fly apart.

     Around here, our humble alligators stuff large (relatively speaking: I
don't remember seeing any reports of missing tourists at the Kennedy Space
Center, lately) dead prey underwater until it softens. *Then* they dismember it.
     (Addendum to Memo: Don't even think about this stuff before lunch or
dinner, either.)
     Just a few weeks ago, officials armed with electronic gear in an nearby
county solved a years-old, long-standing, mystery regarding the unexplained
disappearances of several prized hunting dogs. The last dog to vanish -- an
expensive one -- was wearing an electronic collar. Homing devices tracked
the signals, and game wardens found a well-fed 'gator lurking in the swamp
while it digested its latest (and final) Fido-burger.
     Two comments: 1) Captain Hook (OK: James M. Barrie) deserves credit for
originating this technique to find skulking crocodilians after their latest
snacks; and 2) anyone who pays $3000 for a hound and then lets the mutt run
loose in a Florida  swamp should have used the money to fly to Australia and
become an American tourist.

-= Tuck =-

P.S. My mail server seems to have dumped at least 29 in-coming messages into
cyberspace before they reached me yesterday. I can tell I've already missed
the beginning of one interesting thread on pterosaurs. If anyone's sent me
e-mail during the past 24 to 36 hours and is wondering why I'm ignoring
them, I apologize for my silence and beg you to try again.