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Re: RE: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

>Big crocodilians swallow folks whole, and their heads are smaller and
>narrower than those of the bigger sauropods. When big birds swallow something
>big you can see the object go down the neck. People fail to appreciate the
>true absolute size of the bigger sauropod heads because they are way up there
>and dwarfed by the body.

Having seen some of the autopsie reports (complete with colour photos) from
crocs that have eaten people (usually american tourists), I have yet to see
and example of a human swallowed whole by even the biggest crocodile. From
memory, the largest man-eater I have seen was about 5 metres and the human
was dismembered (and incomplete) in the gut of the animal.

Crocs usually dismember large prey by spinning which can cause the carcass
to literelly fly apart. A good testimony to the possible power of such
action is the cas of a woman taken on the Alligator River (Northern
Territory) where, when they found the croc, inside was all but her head. It
took two weeks to find the head which had become lodged in a tree
overhanging the river.

However, I do have pictures of a 18 foot Reticulated Python which has
swallowed and adult male pig whole. Does this help Greg? Have you
considered the possibility that sauropods could disarticulate their jaws
and swallow trees whole? (I must draw this cartoon).

Cheers, Paul