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Dinosaurs on AOL's Scholastic Network

America On-Line has had some negative publicity lately, so I thought it 
was time to point out something positive about the service.

During the month of October, Scholastic Network (a special area of AOL 
for educators; it costs extra) will feature a focus on dinosaurs. About 
all I know right now is that Tim Rowe and Don Lessem will be on-line for 
students to ask them questions related to dinosaurs. If you are an AOL 
subscriber you can find a blurb about Tim and Don using "Scholastic" as a 
keyword. The blurb mentions that Tim is piloting a program that is a 
"combination of technology and education through his use of Email and 
CD-ROM to teach a large undergraduate course called "The Age of 

As more informationn about "Dinosaur Month" on Scholastic Network comes 
my way, I'll try to pass it along.

------ Amado Narvaez