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Re: RE: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

>No, I am not saying mouth width is related to metabolic rate. I am saying
>sauropod mouths were as large as those of mammals scaled relative to body
>mass (and when body mass is the same), so the common belief that sauropods
>had heads too small to sustain a high rate of food consumption is erroneous.
>You keep making ambigious statements such as that I make lots of assumptions.
>What assumptions? I measure the skulls and mouths of sauropods and big
>mammals, find there is little difference in gross cropping capacity. So were
>is the assumption.

OK, I am just thinking of a couple off the top of my head, late at night
after a bottle of wine, but try these:

1 differences in jaw mechanics relating to rate of cropping.
2 differences in ability to orally process cropped material
3 differences in quality of food
4 differences in requirements of food due to differences in metabolic
5 differences in cropping efficiency
6 differences in post oral processing capacity

Give me time, I could come up with more. The point is that the metabolic
requirements of sauropods can not be known and drawing simple correlations
between two dimentions. You may be able to describe some possible
perameters, but you can not be so emphatic in your conclusions.

Cheers, Paul