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>     How does it "lean back" without using its forelimbs?  It seems to me
>like to only way to shift the animals balance backward would be to push
>off with the forelimbs.  If it isn't using these, exactly what is it
>flexing or tilting or whatever to shift the center of gravity?

I've been following (with interest) the discussion that has developed as
a result of the above question.

For what it's worth...

Although it's probably true that mammals, lizzards and dinosaurs aren't
always well matched for comparisons...  *realistic* visualization is much 
more difficult without them.

So, in an effort to contribute something *simple*...

The muscle control exibited by CATS might help to explain how such movement
is possible (in some dinosaurs) with little or no exterion of the forelimbs.

Although this type of movement is observable in BIG cats too, it's probably
a lot easier to catch a glimpse of the house, alley, or backyard variety.

-= Ken =-

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