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Brontosaur article for Gakken

To anyone who is interested--

The current mass of postings about sauropod neck function and so forth
suggest that there might be some interest in my posting the English version
of my first article for _Dino-Frontline_ (in issue #2), on the origin and
evolution of the brontosaurs. It has gotten a bit dated and contains some
pretty simplified stuff, and it needs a bit of editing (which I wouldn't
bother with), but most of it is still readable. It runs about 11,100 words,
so it would require splitting up into 4 parts to pass through the e-mail "eye
of the needle." Also, I can't transmit the figures (and in fact I don't even
have the originals anymore), but I can transmit the figure captions, and
anyone who actually has the issue would then be able to get the figures
there. I hesitate to post such a really long item, but if there is enough