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Re: Raptor Red: a review (long)

In a message dated 95-09-15 17:24:14 EDT, Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81)

>Most of the dinosaurs in the book, however, are proper Aptian-Albian
>dinosaurs (which fit the 120 Ma date, but are all too late to have
>encountered Utahraptor).  These include the Trinity-group predator
>Acrocanthosaurus, the Arundel (and Trinity? and Cloverly?) brachiosaurid
>Astrodon, the Cloverly (and mid-Cedar Mountain) dromaeosaurid Deinonychus,
>the mid-Cedar Mountain polacanthid Gastonia. Strangely, the ubiquitous
>Aptian-Albian dinosaurs Tenontosaurus and Sauropelta are nowhere to be seen.

I trust you noticed that this book is the first publication of the generic
name _Gastonia_. I think Bob expected it would have been published by the
time _Raptor Red_ appeared, but Jim Kirkland told me just yesterday that he
still has a couple of figures to do before the paper can be published.