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Re: RE: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

You wrote: 
>The head of a 30-50 ton brachiosaur could swallow a human whole (I 
have seen
>the real skull in Berlin). To consume enough food to power a 
>metabolism (about one ton per day) would require eating about only 1 
>per minute (these are very approximate values). 
> The mouth of a 11 tonne Diplodocus was broader than that of an 11 
>indricothere (I have taken the measurements).

  I presume that you are referring to Janensch's Brachiosaurus branci 
skull in Berlin. Do you have any measurements to substantiate your 
statement that it could "swallow a human whole"?  I have to question 
that based on the fact that B. branchi is not considered to be one of 
the larger sauropods - we're not talking Amphecoelus here.  

                 Curious in Colorado,
                     Virginia Tidwell