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Long sauropod necks: a weapon?

A big, long, heavy horizontal neck would carry a lot of inertia, even if it
didn't move very fast. Suppose a sauropod defense technique was to knock a
much smaller predator off its feet with a neck strike - not with the little
head, but with the broad slab of neck - and then trample it? Tail strikes
have been discussed for years, but a sauropod neck has more mass and much
more muscle than the end of that long whippy tail. 

I'd like this better if we had any evidence of head horns or armor. The 
sauropod head/neck area seems like a pretty vulnerable thing to whap a 
carnivore with. But it would sure be heavy and steerable . . . 

Mating battles, which aren't supposed to be lethal, might be a more 
appropriate use of neck strikes. But between beasts of equal size, would 
those strikes be powerful enough to bother with?

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