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Re: various things

In a message dated 95-09-13 20:23:57 EDT, PWSPARKS@aol.com writes:

>Long saurpod necks.  No matter what they were used for there was a very
>large expense to be paid for these necks in construction and maintenance as
>it were. Evolution would not support such an expensive component unless
>that were very valuable to the animal. I don't think that reaching a lot of
>area without having to move is of much value and therefore could not be the
>cause of this development. Its got to be something big like getting to food
>that noone else could get to.

Like all major adaptations, sauropod necks probably benefited the animals in
a variety of ways, including all of the following and probably more still
unguessed: increasing foraging range, reducing energy expenditure, looking
out for predators, and long-distance landmark-locating (which would have been
useful in migrations).