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>>For those who aren't up on theropod systematics, abundant evidence now
>>suggests that tyrannosaurids share a more recent common ancestor with birds,
>>dromaeosaurids, troodontids, ornithomimids, etc., than with Allosaurus, and
>>thus are, by definition, coelurosaurs.
>The only families remaining in Carnosauria are Sinraptoridae and
>Allosauridae, so the group does exist, but barely. By the way, I would agree
>with Brooks Britt that Megalosauridae belongs in Ceratosauria rather than

I agree that the only families confidentally left in Carnosauria are
Allosauridae and Sinraptoridae, so that Carnosauria is a stem-based group
containing only Allosauroidea.  I expect that some taxa (such as
Monolophosaurus) may yet be seen to be a true carnosaur.

Unlike George (and Brooks), but like Sereno et al., I find Megalosauridae
(and the Megalosauroidea) to be the sister group to the
carnosaur-coelurosaur clade (for which I use Greg Paul's term, Avetheropoda).

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