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Re: Saurophaganax maximus

In a message dated 95-09-13 08:53:27 EDT, dino@revelation.unomaha.edu (John
Schneiderman) writes:

>> _Saurophaganax_ represents a very large (14 meters long, body mass of
>> tons) Morrison allosaurid characterized by horizontal laminae at the bases
>> the dorsal neural spines above the transverse processes, and
>> chevrons. Much material previously referred to _Saurophagus maximus_ is
>> actually referable to _Saurophaganax maximus_. The new genus is needed
>> because the original type specimen of _Saurophagus maximus_ is not
>> diagnostic, whereas the material described by Dan is. Note that the type
>> species _Saurophaganax maximus_ is not to be considered conspecific with
>> _Saurophagus maximus_ (which is a _nomen dubium_), so _Saurophaganax_ is
>> _not_ a renaming of _Saurophagus_.
>Isn't this just like the Coelophysis problem (poor type material)?

Pretty much, except that the name _Saurophagus_ didn't become