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various things


I just have a few comments about several ideas that have been (almost) beaten
to death.

High levels of O2.  One thing that one should expect during a time of high O2
(I think an old reference that I forget said was above 23%) would be a very
high level of forest (plant) fires. They would start much more easily and
they would continue to burn until very little carbon material was left.
 These remarks were really pointed at the lower level (23%) so O2 levels as
high as 35% would really experence this in spades. I had the feeling that
these higher levels would essentially oburn everything up so as to be
impossible. Comments?

Long saurpod necks.  No matter what they were used for there was a very large
expense to be paid for these necks in construction and maintenance as it
were. Evolution would not support such an expensive component unless that
were very valuable to the animal. I don't think that reaching a lot of area
without having to move is of much value and therefore could not be the cause
of this development. Its got to be something big like getting to food that
noone else could get to.

The proposed changes to the nomenclature sould very much like the law in
Arkansas(?) to make pi=3.0 vice its real value of 3.14159 etc. because it
would be easier for the students (or more likely the politicals). 'this needs
no comment.

that's it for now