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Re: Re: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

At 1:25 PM 9/12/95, th81 wrote:
>>        Ectothermy is the primitive condition in reptiles.  W/out evidence
>>to support the evolution of the derived condition (endothermy), the
>>primitive condition is assumed.
>This isn't quite using the extant phylogenetic bracketing method.  The
>extant ingroup, birds, are all endothermic.  As for outgroups, crocodiles
>are ectothermic, lepidosaurs are ectothermic, turtles are ectothermic, and
>mammals are endothermic.  As such, assuming either endothermy or ectothermy
>by phylogeny, rather than other evidence, is very weak.
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        Endothermy, as applied to both birds and mammals, is a blanket term
that describes two different and discrete forms of thermogenesis, not
thought to have arisen via a common ancestory (at least not thought so
anymore).  Since the biochemistry is different, you wouldn't consider
mammalian endothermy to be the same metabolic pathway (character in a
phylogeny), as avian endothermy.  Problem solved.

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