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Re: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

> Actually, I've heard nearly the opposite for the largest sauropods.  They
> had such large mass and large volume to surface area ratios that they may
> have had problems getting rid of any excess heat.  They were large enought
> to pass through the diurnal cycles with little change to core body 
> temperature.
> I believe that the term "bulk homeotherm" has been used to describe their
> possible metabolism.  I've even seen speculation that the juveniles might
> have had a more active metabolism which changed as they became adults.

     What about the other side of that: what does an animal that massive do 
to cool down?  It might be a little hard for Brachiosaurus to find 
shade.  The Morrison was supposed to be pretty dry, so they couldn't have 
submnerged themselves in water all the time to cool off.  Evaporative 
coolong out thier mouths like crocodilians wouldn't have worked to well for 
animals with such big bodies and little heads.  Is that one possible reason 
sauropods had such little heads, so thier brains could cool off easier?
     What sort of possible comperable cooling mechanisms are used by 
modern animals?