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Re: Re: Speedy tyrannosaurs

>In my opunion the T-Rex had to be fast.  It was obviously a carnosaur and


For those who aren't up on theropod systematics, abundant evidence now
suggests that tyrannosaurids share a more recent common ancestor with birds,
dromaeosaurids, troodontids, ornithomimids, etc., than with Allosaurus, and
thus are, by definition, coelurosaurs.

This is wholly congruent with the thinking of Freidrich von Huene, who
invented the words "Carnosauria" and "Coelurosauria", and who recognized
that tyrannosaurids were coelurosaurs once he actually saw the fossils.

>by the build of its body it wouldn't have made a good scavenger.  Its leg
>muscles seem built for speed.

In point of fact, we actually don't know too much about the leg muscles,
since they don't preserve.  However, you are certainly correct in that the
structures of the leg (and foot ;-)) support a more cursorial habit for
tyrannosaurids relative to other large dinosaurs.

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