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Re: K-T and terminal Permian vulcanism

>Michel remarked that the Deccan Traps started several million 
>years before the K-T.  Not so!  Some time before the K-T, but the
>whole volca nic epidosde only lasted a billion years.  Obviously,
>there was pre-existing hot spot  in India, producing lava  well
>before the K-T, but the spherical interference waves from Chicxolub
>would have e xploited this pre-existing weak spot (for "hot spot"
>read "weak spot") and greatly increased the flow of lava.  The

There is no evidence for increased volcanic activity at Deccan immediately
at or after the K-T boundary.  There is VERY strong evidence for increased
volcanic activity at Deccan at the mid-Maastrichtian, producing the
well-studied Intertrappean Beds.  If the impactor did somehow alter this
ongoing volcanic eruptive period, there is no record of it in the geometry
nor in the petrology of the the Maastrichtian-Paleogene Deccan volcanics (or
at least none reported yet).

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