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Re: Blood flow in Sauropods

At 4:05 PM 9/11/95, Cunningham, Betty wrote:
>     You are being species-biased towards mammals.
>     Geese, ostriches, emus, storks, herons, flamingos, and loons all have
>     long necks. Emus, flamingos, and ostriches even fit into the
>     proportion of length-of-neck-to-body-length similar to sauropods.
>     They are none of them high browsers.  Not even the vegetarian-oriented
>     geese.  They graze.

        A curious question:  many of the birds you mentioned are magnitudes
of scale smaller than the long-necked mammals -- is it possible that these
grazing, long-necked birds evolved the long necks to be able to spot
potential incoming trouble in the high grasses (etc.)?  Obviously, this
doesn't apply to sauropods, but...

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