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>Jeff recently mentioned the Battat models, and those old-timers amongst you (in
>a cyber-life sense) might remember the lengthy discussions held on this list
>about those wonderful Battat models.. Well, in no. 12 of the Dinosaur
>Club Newsletter, our illustrious president (and DCCN ed) Mike Howgate printed
>the following review article. Hope I'm not infringing any laws by reproducing
>it here...
>Enjoy, model buffs.


>The second series, which comprises _Ceratosaurus_, _Amargasaurus_,
>_Styracosaurus_, _Utahrapt_ [sic] or and _Ouranosaurus_ should be available
>soon, more information in the next Newsletter.

   For those interested in the second series:  the date I've been given for
availability (to retailers from the manf.) of these collectibles is October
10.  Odds are that they will be sold for higher prices than the 1st series
as Battat is raising its prices this month.  I'll have a limited supply at
the old prices (I'd like to have more, but you know small start-up business.
Little capital and a lot of places it has to be invested).

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