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Jeff recently mentioned the Battat models, and those old-timers amongst you (in
a cyber-life sense) might remember the lengthy discussions held on this list
about those wonderful Battat models.. Well, in no. 12 of the Dinosaur Collectors
Club Newsletter, our illustrious president (and DCCN ed) Mike Howgate printed
the following review article. Hope I'm not infringing any laws by reproducing
it here...

Enjoy, model buffs.


The first 6 of a projected 12 dinosaur models produced by the Canadian toy and
model firm Battat in association with the Museum of Science in Boston USA are
now out. Those who came to the Crystal Palace Convention will have already seen
the truly amazing detail and dinamic [sic] postures of these 1/40th scale
models. Battat (UK) were dubious about importing them due to the current post-
Jurassic Park induced glut of dino toys, but your editor convinced them to ship
in a trial batch. As far as I know the DCC is the only outlet for these superb

Pride of place must go to the 15 inch high [what the hell's an inch?]
_Diplodocus longus_ rearing up on it's [sic] hind legs to fend off predetory
[sic] Allosauri [sic] or reach the top-most foliage of a contemporary conifer.
A gloriously purple and yellow striped _Tyrannosaurus rex_ strides along in a
low body-horizontal posture. A full 12 inches long and a bit difficult to
balance, it looks ready to attack it's [sic] traditional adversary, a 7.5 [no
'half' key on this console] inch long _Triceratops horridus_ in a defensive
walking pose with a blue starburst on it's [sic] headshield.

The stegosaur of the collection is a 7 inch long _S. ungulatus_ with eight tail
spines rather than the usually portrayed _S. stenops_ which has four. The back
plates are smaller in this special [sic] and are here arranged in an alternating
pattern. Most unusual however is the lateral disposition of the tail spines
[thanks to Tom Holtz, I now know why this is!]. The well presented descriptive
booklet gives no explanation for this new configuration [given that the lateral
tail spikes _are_ accurate, the only problem is the missing ossicle-pouch].

Another unusual dinosaur in this collection is the ornithomimid _Gallimimus
bullatus_. This 5.5 inch long model shows the animal crouching/egg stealing on
all fours.

The final model is of the by now standard double crested 'Spitter',
_Dilophosaurus wetherilli_, in an unusual jazz piano player posture sitting back
on its tail.

This series are now available from the DCC at the following prices:
_Diplodocus longus_       15.95
_Tyrannosaurus rex_        7.50
_Triceratops horridus_     6.65
_Stegosaurus ungulatus_    4.65
_Dilophosaurus wetherilli_ 2.75
_Gallimimus bullatus_      2.25

(In pounds and pence don't forget America!)
The second series, which comprises _Ceratosaurus_, _Amargasaurus_, _Edmontonia_,
_Styracosaurus_, _Utahrapt_ [sic] or and _Ouranosaurus_ should be available
soon, more information in the next Newsletter.


Those of you interested in joining the DCC might like to mail me, I'll then
supply details. Membership (p.a.) costs somewhere around 10 quid I think...

"Coke burns the food off - keeps your teeth nice and clean!" 
(Back to SW soon I promise)