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Re: Dinosaur "baculae"

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Paul Willis wrote:

> Crocs actually have pretty good dongers that occasionally evert during
> intraspecific combat as well as more conventional moments of passion. I
> also understand that duck dicks are a reality which are rather long and
> thin.
> In a more general context, this would imply that the penis was lost
> (bobbittised?) between crocs and birds with some birds having a reversion.
> I would hazard a guess that the penile loss occurred close to birds
> probably associated with flight modifications (more weight reduction that
> aerodynamic drag). This leaves the question of dino appendages somewhat up
> in the air (!?!) but almost certianly without the assistance of a baculum.
> Cheers, Paul
> pwillis@ozemail.com.au
I have seen rather graphic footage of Ostriches mating on a wildlife 
documentary and the male certainly  has a large "penis" (OK it is not 
homologous with the "true" penis of mammals - but what else would you 
call it?)  Apparently Cassowaries have one as well. This would suggest 
that perhaps penis loss occured as high as the stem of the Neognathae. 
Alternatively having a penis is a big advantage, so that when aerodynamic 
considerations are no longer important, the penis will reappear. Either 
way it seems likely to me that dinosaurs did have some sort penis (or 
what ever else you want to call it)

Adam Yates