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Re: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

>I would like to address the issue of "Were dinosaurs warm or cold blooded?"
>I think they were warm blooded.  They weren't built like today's 
>reptiles, they were built like mammals.  To me, the herbivores were like 
>todays elephants, cattle, and deer.  They spent their days grazing and 
>avoiding getting eaten by the carnosaurs who were like todays lions and 
>wolves.  Being cold blooded would have made it very difficult for 
>dinosaurs to exist because of their size.  By the time they were warmed 
>up enough to move it would have been getting dark again.  

Actually, I've heard nearly the opposite for the largest sauropods.  They
had such large mass and large volume to surface area ratios that they may
have had problems getting rid of any excess heat.  They were large enought
to pass through the diurnal cycles with little change to core body temperature.
I believe that the term "bulk homeotherm" has been used to describe their
possible metabolism.  I've even seen speculation that the juveniles might
have had a more active metabolism which changed as they became adults.