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Re: Speedy tyrannosaurs

This summer Horner spoke in Ft. Peck on the speed of T-Rex.  He felt that the
ratio of leg bones was not structured for speed.  Yes Rex could run for a
short burst, like todays Croc's.  But He felt Rex had no endurnance for a

Horner also, spoke of T-Rex as a scavenger and a night hunter.  He mentioned
that the senses on smell ans sight were hightened for night hunting.  Being a
scavenger do not take T.Rex off the top of the carnivor list.  Man is still
on top and we are scavengers according to Horner, "Did you go out and kill
your dinner tonight".

Most of these thoughts are agreed to by Dr. Keith Rigby.  I spent a month in
Montana this summer with Rigby.