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     >  In esense, we are speaking Latin when we say _Tyrannosaurus rex_ 
     >even though some of the words might have been borrowed from Greek, it 
     >has become a part of Latin, so we must say it correctly.
     I "think" that the ICZN >may< be trying to root out problems they are 
     having, not with Latin or Greek, but with Latin-izing or Greek-ing 
     such words as Mongolian place names, Chinese emporors, or Australian 
     Aboriginal place-names, and having the professionals in the field 
     seemingly needing to know enough Mongolian, Manchurian, or 
     Aborginanal(?) to know whether these would be male or female names and 
     thus how to treat them when Greek-ing and Latin-izing are applied to 
     -Betty Cunningham
     Is  "Minmi"  a male or female gender?
     (bcunning@nssi.com at work)
     (bettyc@flyinggoat.com in the studio)