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Re: 250 Ma volcanic eruption

 From: bk090@freenet.carleton.ca (David Brez Carlisle)
 > Betty has drawn our attention to a press report about a gigantic
 > eruption in Siberia at 250 Ma.  This eruption is well documented
 > and formed   what is now called the Siberian Traps - like the
 > Decan Traps of 65 Ma only bigger.  I discuss this vulcanism
 > in my book.  It is  coincidental in time with the terminal
 > Permian extinction, but seems to me unlikely to have caused
 > that extinction.  It could be a _result_ of an impact from
 > some object from outer space (asteroid or comet) ...

I do not see how, any more than the Deccan Traps could be caused
by the Yucatan impact.  In the K-T case, at least, the Deccan
vulcanism started hundreds of thousands of years *before* the
impact, as proven by the magnetic reversal chronology.

Also, it is quite remarkable that two of the largest extinctions
in the Phanerozoic are associated with flood basalts.  Add to this
the association of flood basalts with the majority of the lesser
mass extinctions of the Mesozoic, and your assertion that it is
"unlikely to have caused the extinction" starts to seem a little

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