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Re: stuff

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995 farlow@CVAX.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU wrote:

> I figured someone else would have posted these refs by now, but I haven't
> seen them, so here they come:
> R.A. Berner.  1994.  GEOCARB II: A revised model of atmospheric CO2 over
> Phanerozoic time.  American Journal of Science 294: 56-91.
> J.B. Graham, R. Dudley, N.M. Aguilar and C. Gans.  1995.  Implications of
> the late Paleozoic oxygen pulse for physiology and evolution.  Nature
> 375: 117-120.
> These articles are some of the basis for the recently posted questions about
> atmospheric chemistry and what critters did.
> For a speculative discussion of how some of this might relate to dinosaurs,
> see J.O. Farlow, P. Dodson, and A. Chinsamy.  1995.  Dinosaur biology.
> Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 26: 445-471 (note:this is still in
> press, and hasn't been published yet; it's due out by year's end, of course).
>      Changing the subject, and putting my own $0.02 into the question of
> how fast Tyrannosaurus could move, and what it ate, see the following
> references for my take on these matters:
> J.O. Farlow.  1994.  Speculations about the carrion-locating ability of
> tyrannosaurs.  Historical Biology 7: 159-165  (fence straddler that I tend
> to be, I think tyrannosaurs were deadly killers whenever they could be at
> relatively low risk, but that, for the reasons described in this paper, 
> they may also have been pretty good at finding dead carcasses)
> J.O. Farlow, M.B. Smith, and J.M. Robinson, in press.  Body mass, bone
> "strength indicator", and cursorial potential of Tyrannosaurus rex.  To
> be published (1995?) in Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.
> Back to lurking.
> Jim Farlow
> Founder and President 
> Society for Traditionally Orthodox Dinosaur Groupies and Yahoos
> "Back to the Swamps; Harrumph and Amen"
I don't think that T-Rex was a scavenger.  It is obvious by its build 
that it was a very powerful hunter and had little to fear from its prey.