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Re: Speedy tyrannosaurs

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Achut Reddy wrote:

> anatomy@acl.nyit.edu writes:
> >>A - hadrosaurs were not THAT much slower than tyrannosaurs
> >The anatomy of the beasts suggests a
> >modest top speed. Anatomy, biomechanics, gravity, the inertia of a top-heavy
> >biped all would seem to suggest that tyrannosaurs were incapable of either a
> >short-burst or a sustained bout of swift movement.
> This is still a matter of some controversy.
> Actually, I believe biomechanical as well as other considerations point
> more towards a T-Rex capable of high speeds, at least in short bursts.
> Considerations such as femur/tibia ratio, strength of leg bones,
> probable fast metabolism and consequent food requirements, and 
> status as top predator of the time, all point to a T-Rex capable
> of at least bursts of swift movement.  As far as I know, Horner
> is one of the few Paleontologists who favors the T-Rex as slow-moving
> scavenger theory.
> Achut Reddy
> achut@sun.com
In my opunion the T-Rex had to be fast.  It was obviously a carnosaur and 
by the build of its body it wouldn't have made a good scavenger.  Its leg 
muscles seem built for speed.