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Re: Proposed changes to ICZN

<<Come on people! This is yet another attempt by the purveyors of political
correctness to foul up another tradition! I wholeheartedly _disapprove_! PC
paleontology?  NOT!>>

Woh, woh, woh; hold the phone.  I am one of the most politically correct
people you can find, and I think that non-gender in the ICZN is absolutely
wrong.  It is trying to be changes because people are not at ease with Latin
or Greek (though it is supperbly simple to become at ease with them IMHO).
 Gender is probably a bad "label" for 'noun endings in the nominative-case
declension'.  It probably did start thousands of years ago as being a "true"
male-female dichotomy of bias (in regular nouns); but now it is just word
endings of a dead language that people use only to name things.  In esense,
we are speaking Latin when we say _Tyrannosaurus rex_ even though some of the
words might have been borrowed from Greek, it has become a part of Latin, so
we must say it correctly.

Peter Buchholz

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